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Under stock of the fight kitchen electric industry has three

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   appliance industry in a fit of "cold" has finally bid farewell to 2019. Data show that three quarters of 2019, Chinas home appliance industry, domestic market sales of 174.5 billion yuan, year on year growth rate of -4.2%. Among them, color TV, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances and so different rate show a downward trend. But both opportunities and challenges, especially for the kitchen profound knowledge of the power industry, the changes in the market environment and product form, should bring more development opportunities for the brand in 2020.

   In my opinion, at least kitchen electric industrys future growth will be reflected in three aspects: First, electric kitchen and integration with intelligent AI, 5G and other technologies. Have speculated that by 2020, my countrys electrical appliances intelligent life will reach 28%, kitchen appliances, intelligent rate will reach 25%, the future prospects are very impressive. Compared with black white, electric kitchen intelligent Despite a late start, but the natural properties of electric kitchen equipment is very suitable for relying on the large intelligence platform, such as the United States and the life of electrical appliances, the whole scene Vantage intelligent control system VCOO etc. integration is the size of kitchen electrical or software content, thereby forming a cross-category of smart home life scenes.


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   Meanwhile, the embedded electric kitchen will be further raised. On the one hand, by the impact of the real estate market, embedded electric kitchen with its space-saving, easy to mix, stylish reasons by groups of young love; on the other hand, electrical and kitchen cabinets in itself has a more user-friendly one-time purchase and unified design . In addition, as a new category of kitchen electric industry, integrated kitchen growth momentum can not be underestimated, home appliance giant Haier, Midea and boss, Vantage and other professional brands have overweight in this area.

   It is worth mentioning that the kitchen electric industry has also ushered in the marketing mode change. Social electricity supplier, with a cargo of live is nothing new, especially the broken machine, electric rice cookers and other small kitchen, with free installation, convenient delivery, and low unit price, some in the double 11, double 12 period has become a "network red ", but behind it is a reflection of the main consumer groups, kitchen electric industry facing them younger, and more of the Internet.

   (articles and pictures Source: National Grid, invasion deleted)

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