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Springs to make household water purification dnking wer heal

2020-07-15 作者:Service support   |   浏览(188)

   According to the latest report released data show that in 4896 the monitoring point, the water quality was poor level of monitoring sites 2221, accounting for 45.4%; water quality was very poor level of monitoring sites 790, accounting for 16.1%. The main component exceeded the total hardness, total dissolved solids, iron, manganese, "three nitrogen" (nitrite nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen and ammonia), fluoride, sulfate, etc., the presence of arsenic, the individual water quality monitoring sites, lead , hexavalent chromium, cadmium and other heavy (s) exceed the standard metal. See this data that you are not surprised, even a little shocking, Is this the water we drink every day? Yes, whether you admit it or not, that is the truth. If you do not have any home water purification equipment installation, this is your drinking water every day. You see these are not thought of tap water at home would shivered. In the case of poor water quality so, how do we do it? I do not believe you will see these indifferent? Yes, it is time we do something for our domestic water problem, we can not stop water pollution, we can not allow ground water to become clean and healthy, but we can make household water becomes safe and healthy, installing a home water purifier can easily solve this problem, right, that is, water purifiers, let it reopen your healthy drinking water journey of.

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   Perhaps you have not installed a water purifier at home just because you are paying too little attention to water safety issues, maybe you have not noticed friends and neighbors around the house has a water purifier installed, peoples lives standards improved, will begin to focus on the health of drinking water had to be ignored, it is known to boil water to drink, this is a healthy way of drinking water. I do not know when to begin, due to environmental changes caused by water pollution, water supply secondary pollution and so on, leading to boil water now, all people can not help but feel a little worried, worried about drinking this water diarrhea. The water purifier it in such a scenario, continue to appear among the families in each.

   Select Required Chuen purifier, a tap open to the natural spring water. In 2005, the spring for the first time developed a kitchen water purifier, to become the industry benchmark, in 2011, the main development springs from the kitchen drinking straight success on the market, leading the industry again. Izumi products are sold to the Ministry of Health Health this document and test reports, quality standards are executed with reference to the United States NSF standards, the quality of trust by consumers and industry recognition.

   2015, I believe the water purifier market will be even better! [1twenty three]

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