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Qingchuan County Horse Village poverty out of poverto achiev

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   "South Point head hillside, the draft is as precious as oil. After the springs home, every family happy heart." Jingle phrase expresses Qingchuan White Horse Village home feeling joy after the use of tap water. November 17, when the Guangyuan Financial Services Group Chairman Li Shiping open the water valve Macun safe drinking water projects, small village suddenly boiling over. So far, Ma village head dam 27 121 villagers finally eat all the health and safety of tap water.

   Ma village is located 90 km southeast of Qingchuan County, white home territory, after the village before the village are mountains, the terrain high-pitched, because the water away, some villagers during the dry season and winter draft rely hands are back to carry, long-term since the village life very difficult. In March this year, Guangyuan Financial Services Group docking helping poor households village flower arrangement, recognize the pro twinning in the process, discovered a problem part of the village the villagers drinking water is difficult, and immediately decided to invest 600 million yuan to build rural safe drinking water engineering. In cooperation with the government at home and white horse village committee, the village horse safe drinking water project in July this year to start construction, completed in September this year. In order to protect the villagers eat safe and secure drinking water, Guangyuan Guangyuan Financial Services Group Company Information Supply and Drainage Group company sent two professional and technical personnel on-site investigation, provide technical support, testing whether the water source of drinking water in line with safety standards, in addition , also coordinates the national network set up the green River green power company, to provide pumping Reuters protection.

   hands are back to carry the water career is over, save labor, and when you see the sweet pure tap water flow to the tank, benefit the masses of his face covered with a smile.

   villager Zhang Mao said the snow, where she married thirty years, the draft has been very angry, throughout the year, whether it is busy, cloudy or rainy, the mountains have been queuing fetching water, carrying water. Not only draft so difficult, is to eat vegetables, but also so difficult to look at each yard simply do not see the bare garden crops like fruits and vegetable shoots. This year, the drought, mountain spring water is also less, until twelve hours in order to scoop a bucket of water. Now received its own water tank, pot, this would have been unthinkable a few years ago. Due to lack of water in the past, especially people in the village to save water, a pot of water to be reused several times, it is now with the water, people can wash your face with clean water, the laundry. Later I want to grow some vegetables in the yard is not a problem, want to eat anything on Zhongsha.

   In fact, Ma Guangyuan village safe drinking water projects just financial servicesGroup Company helping poor villages and white home a microcosm of non-poor households impoverished village Bian floral tackling poverty work. Guangyuan Financial Services Group from 2012, helping his hometown of Foshan white village until the present village of ginkgo and horse village, has accumulated nearly one million yuan relief fund to vote, make a positive contribution to the Qingchuan poverty out of poverty.

   Source: China Network

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