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Water purifier market focuses on -support- the development o

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   against water pollution and water appliances developed a new type of home appliances, is also a kind of household appliances, but it compared to conventional appliances still have some differences. In terms of market, home appliances market is relatively mature, companies with "grab" the basic purpose can be achieved, while the water purifier market is still in its early stages of development, all parties need to "support", which is the water purifier and the most essential home appliance marketing s difference.




water purifier market focuses on "support" the development of product diversification to improve the ability to resist risks (picture from the network)

   appliances and water purifier manufacturers marketing and sales management are very different: throughout the appliance market is relatively mature market, the main marketing tool is the brand pull, push marketing, sales management emphasized that the order forecast accuracy, inventory control, reduce cost. The water purifier is clearly the market introduction phase or growing market, the main market is the way to promote the product experience, No shopping guide, community marketing, sales management focused primarily store image, team building (the quality of personnel).

   belong to the mass consumer home appliances, many brands, fierce competition, if they do not "grab" the customer is someone elses. Appliances impulse buying can be seen everywhere, as long as the effort done enough, buy a can buy a set, buy cheap can be expensive to buy, buy after the holiday before the holiday can buy everything there seems very "flexible." Appliance industry precipitated a large number of "skilled", whether it is business, or terminal shopping guide, whether it is brand planning, sales director or as long as willing to spend money, the basic can "grab" that can be used to use.

   The water purifier manufacturers marketing completely different. References relevant person in charge of a water purifier words:. "Whether it is internal and external, in fact, need to do is train the effort" on the outside, most of the consumers of water purifiers knowledge is very superficial and that takes effort to cultivate water purifier market. Through the image of store display, Purchasing Guide No, carefully install each water purifier, facilitate users to buy, recognition and word of mouth. And inside, professional job skills requires constant training and promotion, the team needs to continue running. Only team to "keep" Well, in order to engage in marketing big move. Did not really work, either customers or sales personnel, "grab" also "grab" not to "grab" the will to run.

   It is because in this particular market environment, manufacturers requires water purifierCatalytic anti-risk product diversification

   In recent years, some of the water purifier brands have embarked on a diversification of product development. High visibility water purifier brand trying to perfect the rich diversity of their products, meet more needs of consumers, formed a pattern depth development. For example, a well-known brand in the conventional water purifier machine: Coverage drink on ultrafiltration machine, water purifier, energy machines, water softeners, net Wang, net tyrants, springs and other eight series nearly 100 products, also developed its own characteristics belong differentiated products such as "China wind", "blue and white" and other products, in fact, as more and more products to adapt to the crowd, consumers are increasingly willing to get to know the brand, the reason is very simple: Do you know the brand, not only can understand the whole industry, but also to understand its own characteristics; along with some brand product diversification began to try to find out more features of their products, we are trying to reduce risk. Insiders said that the water purification industrys product diversification is a trend in the future, but also improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, improve the ability to resist risks is one of the best solution.

   the effect of cross-industry alliance to be recognized

   In addition to product diversification, the major water purifier brands also keen to cross the "cross-sector cooperation." As a professional buy site with high visibility, a buy six brand online has helped various industries form the "Union Station 1", number of activities have received good results. In fact, "when the market environment is full of uncertainties, and other business alliance is loneliness is an important way to get rid of. In fact, water purifier so quickly and outsider brand alliance, mainly because of some high-end home products are also popular sewage effects, such as heavy north plagued scale water heater, white sanitary ware, kitchen utensils and other products, such cooperation is mutually beneficial.

   in fact, all industries have their own characteristics, in order to lead in the industry , you must first grasp the characteristics of their industry, in more features to look for a breakthrough in the industry will be able to take off, and the water purification industry as a sunrise industry, more need to go further "friends."

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