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  Water purification field survival experience of three ways http: //www.js.hc360.com2020骞?at 09:27 on May 21 Source: Quick News T


   HC Network with clean water wilderness survival, adventure, hunting more and more friends, so to have a certain knowledge of outdoor survival is crucial, saying: "If they can get along without meal, can not get water." People can see very clearly how important water for human survival there, Heres to teach everyone in the field of water purification method of

   with wilderness survival, adventure, hunting more and more friends, so to master certain knowledge on outdoor survival critical, saying: "If they can get along without meal, can not get water." People can see very clear water to human life how important it is to teach you the following methods in the field of water purification.

   First, the permeation method

   When there is water you find floating foreign matter or turbid water quality, water may be from 3 to 5 meters down a dig about 50 to about 80 cm deep, a diameter of about 1 meter pit, so that water from the sand, stone, soil naturally bleed slot, then gently seeping water has been removed, and the like into the water storage container cartridge or jug, attention : Do not stir up the sediment in the bottom of the pit, to keep the water clean. When

   Second, by filtration

   As you find sediment turbid water, and foreign objects floating microbial or worms and leeches larvae, water and the surrounding environment not suitable for digging can be Get a plastic bag (good quality, is not easy to break) stab some small holes punched bottom, or with a single cotton gloves, handkerchiefs, socks, sleeves, pant legs, etc., can also be a Coke bottle, after removing the bottom inverted, then bottle with a knife bar a few small holes, and then successively filled from the bottom up 2 to 4 cm thick soil clean-free sand, charcoal powder, sand, charcoal powder, sand layer 5-7, the pinch in real terms, the unclean water slowly into a simple filter D, when the other filter below the water overflow basin or to use a clean kettle filtered water collected. If you are not satisfied with water quality after filtration, and then the system should be a simple filter the filtered water is filtered again to satisfaction.

   Third, the precipitation method

   The water collecting found pot basin or the like to the water storage container, add a small amount of alum or kapok foliage (mash), cactus (smashed) , elm bark (smashed), precipitated in water and stir for 30 minutesMinutes, gently scoop up the top of the water, do not stir up the cloud was precipitated, so that you will be able to get a relatively clean water.

   In general, in addition to springs and wells (deep underground wells) can be directly consumed, whether rivers, lakes, streams, snow, rain, dew, etc., or obtained by infiltration, filtration, sedimentation of water, preferably should be disinfected before drinking. ? So, how to disinfect it as follows:

   1, the water purification tablets into the water storage vessel, stirring shaking, stand a few minutes, to drink, can be poured into the pot backup storage. In general, a makeup water tablets may be sterilized 1 liter of water, encounter if the water is turbid available 2. Currently, the army in the field have adopted this method to disinfect water.

   2, if there is no water purification tablets, tablets may be replaced with clean water to carry the medical iodine to disinfect water. Has been purified water, each liter of water drops 3-4 drops of iodine, if water turbidity, iodine to double. After stirring stopped shaking, standing time should be longer, 20 to 30 minutes after drinking or standby.

   3, the use of chlorite, i.e. bleach, may play a role in disinfection. In the purified water, per liter of water droplets into the bleach thirty-four drops, water turbidity is doubled, uniform After shaking, for 30 minutes, and serve or standby. Just taste some bleach in the water, be careful not to precipitate the cloud was drinking with it. When used

   4, if none of the above disinfectants, there happened to carry a picnic vinegar (white vinegar too), the water may be sterilized. In the purified water to pour some vinegar, stir well and let stand 30 minutes after drinking. Some just sour vinegar water.

   5, at not too high altitude (an altitude of 2,500 meters) and there is a fire, the water boiled for 5 minutes, water is also a good method for disinfecting, and simple and practical. When Plain outing or picnic, the use of this method for rivers, lakes, streams, rain, dew, snow water disinfection to ensure that drinking and cooking needs.

   6, if looking into the salt water, the water and cook Peperomia land, although it can not remove the original brackish, i.e., it can prevent occurrence of abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea. If the water has toxic heavy metal salts or minerals, tea and water, cook application, a final precipitate do not drink.

   Currently, there is a water purification straw, very useful in the wild, shaped like a thick pen, through which water purification aseptic, non-toxic, tasteless, without any impurities, you can drink without boiling through, very light.

   There are imported from abroad, water purifier, a good effect is small, can be filtered in a more potable liquid turbid purified water.

   In addition to remind friends to be noted that, in the case of shortage of drinking water, must be reasonable arrangements for drinking water, not for the moment thirst binge. In addition, field work or adventure, drink plenty of water should also pay attention to science. If you fill a drink, the body will absorb excess water excreted, this will waste a lot of water. If you drink water, a drink twelve, and then with the big mouth slowly swallow, then, when you feel thirsty to drink a slowly swallow, so repeat drinking water, can make the body will drink it fully absorb water, but also solve the tongue throat is dried. A standard water bottle (0-9) of water, the use of the correct method of drinking water, a man can stick 6 to 8 hours in the movement, and even longer.


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