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Water purification industry four errors, you know-

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   As the present situation increasingly serious environmental pollution, peoples increasing emphasis on safety of drinking water, so water purifier has also been widespread concern, but many people do not understand the deep water purifier, there are a lot of errors, often business Fudge. A large part of people think, installed water purifiers, water safety on worry-free, knowing that you might just installed a filter to filter impurities, but improved a little taste of your drinking water, safe drinking water and nothing to do. Do you think you installed a water purifier drinking water safe? Insider bluntly pointed out that these four errors, the next time you know! Will not be deceived!



   [ 123] misunderstanding one: the more expensive water purifier, the better the filtering effect

   filtering effect must first figure out what is the filtration principle, the current mainstream filtering technology, there are four major? microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse diafiltration, the most used to make microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis three types, wherein the filter is a reverse osmosis water purification highest precision, the best purification. Some manufacturers opportunistic, posing ultrafiltration reverse osmosis water purification unit, the price is expensive, but the actual effect of reverse osmosis filtration without filter cartridge. There are some big water purifiers, water purifiers is not like an ordinary What is the difference, the price is much higher, mainly as advertising spending, and have to be paid for by consumers. Therefore, water purifier not just look at price, and many trade-offs should know how to distinguish, it will not be fooled.

   Error two: filter series, the more water quality okay

   is now available in the market of household water purifiers? RO reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration mainly two techniques, in the water purifier through the membrane is mainly ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membranes, it is pure physical filtration using, widely used in the market. Generally RO reverse osmosis membrane filtration accuracy of 0.00001 micrometers, filter out all the harmful substances in the water, including heavy metals can ultrafiltration membrane filtration. So is the ultra-filtration membrane smaller than ten RO reverse osmosis membrane filtration three ,, Thus, the filter series is not better.

   Error three: the filter can alwaysWith?

   Unlike other appliances purifier, once after purchase, need to periodically clean or replace the filter interior. In the life cycle of water purifier filter should be replaced strictly enforced standards, norms filter post maintenance services. Generally, five micron PP cotton filter replacement cycle of 3-6 months, the rod-shaped carbon filter replacement recommendations 10-12 months, membrane filter is recommended to replace 20-24 months, the RO membrane cartridge replacement recommendations about 24 months , post carbon filter replacement cycle of about 10-12 months. It is worth emphasizing is that the specific replacement time need to decide according to local water quality.

   Misunderstanding of the four:? Without expensive water purifier replacement filter

   Because the water contains large amounts of sediment impurities, filter for six months or a year of water, impurities will be choked entire filter, water will get out, if not, then replace the filter, water purifier will almost scrapped. The high price of water purifiers, with a long time there will be precipitation of impurities, do not do anything to replace the filter of water purifier, just business marketing gimmick

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