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United States _ Tim net war purifier wpurifi- households -s

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  [Pollution] Shanghai Jinshan review of the pollution incident: Tim net water purification Views: 380 Published: 2018-8-15 17:08:05 According to media reports, the Zhujing town due to the illegal sewage in January 10 event, so a lot of water surrounding heavily polluted, resulting in 24 people hospitalized, the situation can be said to be very serious, Jinshan District, authorities said, and has been repeated washing of the filter pipe network by strengthening, while increasing the amount of activated carbon delivery emergency production measures, after several days of washing, rinsing has reached 60,000 tons, the smell of tap water has been slowly fading. Since receipt of the pollution incident, many supermarkets have already sold out of mineral water, can be said to be in short supply, in addition, the reporter also learned that, even life drinking bottled water is sold in a rush. For this situation, the clear spring water purifier for your resolve, and why water purification system water to essential household water appliances. Water is the source of life, drinking water, healthy life how important our family is yes. Although the filter and water pollution after repeated rinsing, but left in the water hazard or hazardous substances are many elements, such as viruses, bacteria, impurities, suspended solids, heavy metal ions left in the water. Water purification life, worry-free life. Installing water purifiers has become necessary for each family.

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