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Suning battlefield grab double even lines- the first day of

2020-07-14 作者:Industry news   |   浏览(85)

   between October 26 to October 28 date, Suning double eleven ahead grab line landing hundreds of cities nationwide. The latest data show that, on the 26th day, Suning water purifier stores nationwide grew 4088 percent. United States, Patio, A.O Smith won the first three of the most popular brands.


   In addition to buy clean water nationwide, micro-channel spike activity, Suning double eleven ahead grab market is particularly evident in the county.

   In recent years, with the growing trend of consumption upgrade, the county market consumers to buy genuine licensed increasingly urgent demand, Suning launched products comply with consumer demand up, channel down strategy, relying on a strong supply chain , logistics, services and other advantages, power consumption in the county market.

   Reporters found that, in previous years, big promotion, this year went to consult consumers Suning stores and more particularly the toilet lid. "Smart Toilet Seat heating is not only functional, but also to regulate the temperature, I used later, Amway many small partners."

   It is reported that, after the discovery of this situation, Suning Tesco joint Matsushita Electric, the decision at 11:11 every day October 28 to November 11, the setting Panasonic clean fun DL-EKS09 super spike of 11.11 yuan. At 0:00 on November 11 Panasonic clean fun open-end huge benefits, Panasonic Jie Yue Wang DL-EKS09CWS price spike 999 yuan, that is super hot hot classic DL-5210TCWS spike price of 1799 yuan. Overall commodity maximum profit 3200 yuan. Meanwhile, Panasonic, Kohler, nine, animal husbandry, TOTO, Grohe and other brands will have none other concessions.


   October 30, Suning kitchen god of fight day, more explosive product vapid buy water purification equipment is only 29 yuan.

   A few days ago, the two-eleven conference, Suning Tesco Group President Houen Long draw the focus mark, Nov. 1 opening, super spike day, November 9 super stores in Japan, November 10 to 12 , comprehensive national carnival carnival day, will have enormous benefits, "will battle for 72 hours to achieve the goal of our hearts."

   (source: insight network, invasion deleted)

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