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What are the costs What arthconditions quid to join Kai Feil

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   New year, new start. As product quality Kai Feile water purifier by consumers, increasingly high profile, while also attracting more and more investors are water purifiers, water purifiers want to join Kai Feile brand. Prior to joining, a lot of people have this question, Kai Feile American high-end imported brands, distribution what conditions need to do to join? How much start-up capital to be? Kaifei Le water purification agents to provide what support? Other brands compared to join Kai Feile water purifier What are the advantages of it? to give you a more detailed understanding, here I come to you to do a detailed answer it!

   Kai Feile water purifier agents fees

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   Kai Feile water purifier agents are graded, pre-need to charge fees include the following items, one is to join the brand use fee. Kai Feile in the market has done a lot of advertising, word of mouth has a good image in the market, joining as Kai Feile water purifier dealers or agents, need to pay a fee to use the brand. The amount of the specific charges Negotiable

   Second, the brand equity margin. Kai Feile order to regulate the market, for example, some people engage in Taobao above the bargains, some regional R & D center, went to the sellers on someone elses site, for such agents would need to charge a margin of brand equity, if during agents no case of violation occur, the agent will be refunded maturity, the specific amount Negotiable

   Third, the first delivery line. The agent they will certainly pick up amount, which is the manifestation of good faith cooperation, the specific number, according to the rating agencys division, the more the strength of the big agents delivery, if just want to do a small area of 鈥嬧€媡he agent, then the delivery of the amount is relatively small number

   Kai Feile requirements for water purification agents

   a. need to have some ability to fund and manage the team. Water purification agents do need to invest early, certainly needs some money, specifically how much they want to see the scale to achieve. Furthermore, water purifier stores do more things, to promote, delivery, installation, sale and other things that normally a person can not be completed, we need to form a team. So as a water purifier store operator, you need to have some team management capabilities, can the shop to do it

   II. You need to have more than 60 square meters of premises used for the image of the shop. Kai Feile belongUS imports of high-end water purifier brand, we have agents want to join Kai Feile brand of certain requirements, the image of the store must be located in high-end specialty building materials or appliances inside the mall, this time in order to maintain the overall brand image

   III. you had better have the operation of the electrical industry sales experience. Water purifiers also belong to the household appliances industry, specific sales model and other electrical appliances industry has a lot of things in common, if you are in related industries, have had a brilliant performance, then you run water purifiers, more likely to succeed [ 123]

   IV. you need to have a good business reputation, personal reputation. Business stresses integrity, Kai Feile water purifier welcome good credit reputation, responsible, practical work of people willing, together with the brand development

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   Some dealers mostly want to Kai Feile with development, but the lack of strength of the investors. For such investors, Kai Feile usually be given some opportunity to cooperate with the development. For want Kaifei Le dealers friends, usually they do not have too many requirements, their best is necessary to have a certain customer base resources or contacts. Again, you need to have some water purifier sales maintenance skills, if the customers water purifier is broken, then you need to have the ability to help them repair aftermarket.

   investment policies Kai Feile water purifier and Join the advantage

   Kai Feile water purifier brand use and protection of the area. Kai Feile become a water purifier agents, may obtain the right to operate Kai Feile water purifier in the proxy area, access to technology and personnel above water purifier Kai Feile support, to help you to develop stores . And Kai Feile in the agents time, will no longer recruit a second agent

   Kai Feile provide complete shop fitting solutions, unified brand image of the terminal stores. After completion of the shop fitting company will provide franchisees shopping guide, business, service training. Providing material support personnel, one-year product replacement, 3 year warranty warranty, and will actually put in place, which is written into the contract, and with the development of agents to make money

   through the introduction above, I you should think of how to join Kai Feile water purifier, you should have a general understanding of it, Kai Feile water purifier is rare in the market of high-end brand of water purifiers, water purifiers want to join investment, select the Kai Feile netWaters brand first on a major success, and now joined, there are more preferential policies! So want to invest in a water purifier, hurry, do not let the local market, for others to grab the go! [123 ]

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