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Rongxian Procuratorate set up a joint investigion team of th

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   "Sichuan Province Rongxian drought aggravated, serious pollution Xiaojinggou reservoir basin, drinking water safety situation is grim." Sichuan deputies and CPPCC members recommended that caused great concern Rongxian Procuratorate. Rongxian Procuratorate by procuratorial proposals, in the form of public interest litigation and other relevant departments under the cooperation, after treatment, the water reservoir basin Xiaojinggou has basically reached the national water quality standard 鈪?



   wanton pollution "dirty" drinking water

   Rongxian located in the hinterland of southern Sichuan, perennial drought. The county more than 20 million people daily drinking water alone capacity of 61.75 million cubic meters of Sungai reservoir support. Almost every year limited water, water occurs, water shortages phenomenon is very prominent.

   December 18, 2010, in county town of Paul, a tributary of the upper reaches of Minjiang River Xiaojinggou canyon, by the National Development and Reform Commission to invest 40 billion yuan to start construction design capacity of 170 million cubic meters of Xiaojinggou water conservancy project, is planned each year for the industrial and domestic water Rongxian, Zigong City, 94.52 million cubic meters, to alleviate water shortage problems.

   in November 2016, Xiaojinggou building of the reservoir commissioning and start a small amount to test urban water supply. However, due to the severe industrial pollution along the river, sewage discharge wanton abuse, some even up worse than Grade V water. City, county deputies has organized inspections required city and county levels of government departments to perform their duties according to law, strengthen the protection of drinking water sources, protect the people drink safe water.

   January 2017, the Fifth Session of the Eleventh CPPCC Sichuan Province, held in Chengdu, the Sichuan Provincial CPPCC members from Rongxian Li Shu Xiu, who suggested that the prosecution should increase the protection of water resources Xiaojinggou efforts to effectively protect peoples lives and Zigong Rongxian well as health and safety.

   linkage strike paid off

   in February 2017, Rongxian Procuratorate established by the multisectoral participate in the joint investigation team. Investigation team under the leadership of Deputy Attorney General Xie Dehua, made several trips along the township, county environmental protection bureau Xiaojinggou reservoirs and other places visited the research to understand the status and causes of water pollution, and the author of "Water Survey prevention protection Rongxian area" for water resources, pollution control, strengthen ecological environment prosecutorial supervision has laid a solid foundation.

   In March, Rongxian County Procuratorate and the Legislative Affairs Office of the Public Security Bureau, more than 10 units countersigned the "fight RongxianSpecial programs strike illegal activities damaging the environment a crime resources, "the illegal discharge to water pH, toxic behavior or excessive waste sewage to intensify the crackdown.

   Rongxians Procuratorate Huang Weidong personally led in-depth environmental protection, water supply, planning and construction of administrative law enforcement departments and other research-related administrative departments supervise the transfer of more than 400 environmental law enforcement information, inspection focused on the case file of more than 30 volumes. General suspected of illegal business, by issuing procuratorial proposals and urge them to reform. Suspected of committing the criminal law, to early intervention, to guide the way the investigation, the case is transferred to increase supervision.

   Up to now, the county has closed down two illegal enterprises, rectification of the sewage treatment plant 8, relocation landfill 4, reconstruction of rural farms 31. According to the EPA Rongxian real-time monitoring of relevant indicators to meet the national water quality standard 鈪?

   filed public interest litigation Attorney boost eco

   In judicial practice, how to remedy, compensation, fix the fundamental problem of contaminated water and other damage is often ignored. After the destruction of contaminated water resources, their recovery costs are mainly local governments foot the bill, and government funding in this area is very limited. Since

   in July 2017, the prosecution filed a comprehensive work carried out public interest litigation, Rong County Procuratorate found that, on a long mountain landfill Xiaojinggou reservoir tributary of the River segment of existence outlet quality is not up, seriously affecting Reservoir water quality and safety situation.

   as a fundamental solution to the ills affecting water quality reservoir safety, hospital decisively to bring an administrative public interest litigation. After

   The case filing, the panel held a case analysis will be around the relevant executive duties, illegal performance of their duties or lazy to perform their duties resulting in damage and other key public investigation to determine the priorities, methods and steps. Currently, the case is currently being processed.

   "Rongxian Procuratorate strengthen ecological environment prosecutorial supervision, effective care of the Guanghui." In September, the Standing Committee in its consideration of Rongxian Rongxian Procuratorate special report on the work of prosecutors launched a "reservoir Xiaojinggou watershed pollution remediation "special prosecutorial supervision work highly.

   Source: Attorney Bengbu

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