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Water purifier leakage protection (without watfil) the rolan

2020-07-16 作者:Homepage   |   浏览(112)

   As more and more users of water purifiers, water leakage caused problems due to more and more.

   What floor was soaked broken, leaking downstairs decoration broke the like. Adds to the problems of people a lot of trouble. Water purifier leakage protection is to appear in this case.

   water purifier leakage protection As the name suggests, is dedicated to solve the leakage problem, although it can not solve the leakage problem, but can cause harm caused by leaks to a minimum.

   After investigating small series, leakage protection market there are two kinds:

   A expansion using cotton, cotton by the expansion swelling principle, tact switch, close the water purifier. Such principle is simple, the price is relatively low. But about six months to replace expansion of cotton in order to maintain good performance, need to be removed to change a little trouble.

   An electronic probe to detect the water off the water purifier. Such relatively high-grade, high price, the alarm can be battery-powered, a long time. About two years before the battery needs to be replaced.

   Note: 1, the water purifier work to install protection; 2, installation and use of the protector should be kept dry and clean environment; 3, repair and maintenance when the water purifier, to remove the protector; 4 after water purifier leakage protection role, should solve the problem, then replace the protector.

   Water Yi

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