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Victor dealer training Thirteenth Conference and Gal Assembl

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   Springfield law back gradually, beginning Vientiane update. March 13, 2018 afternoon, the dealer Victor Thirteenth "hands-on" training will thank dealer-cum-strategy starting 2018 General Assembly was held in the northern city of Hefei Century Golden Resources Hotel, excellent dealer representatives from across the country gathered a total of wealth business avenue to witness the brand new re-start the process.




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   "hands-on" training sessions specifically for the reseller product, promotions, store image, personnel management and other direct guidance and training to dealers , so that dealers know more about Victor product features, product superiority and related marketing skills. Four-day course, Victor tutors around the lead-off (do marketing, do activities to attract customers into the store), detain a guest (communication, then surgery and service experience to retain customers), to customer (pro finishing touches signing) and gymnastics skills and show how refined product selling, sellers thinking how to train, how to build the image of the shop and other stores in urgent need, and how to create premium services experience for customers, how to do systematic training, how to do holiday promotions activities and other topics, in-depth exposition, full of dry goods big lesson has been favorable for dealers. Since the "hands-on" training camp to carry out teaching activities, currently totaling more than 400 dealers involved in the team, thousands of marketers benefit from it.




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