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Sewage treatment, water purifiers seval accounts

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   In the era of hot water purifiers, water purifiers we are optimistic that the purified water is clean and out of the water, drinking water, health, and will not speak of how clean water purifiers purify water, we take a look at the sewage treatment ten Ways, the water purifier accounted for some.



   First, the method of distillation of sewage:

   The method of treating sewage by distillation boiling acquired after boiling water vapor is cooled to a water, distilled water can be said to be completely filtering the harmful substances in water, a non-drinking very secure long-term drinking water, why not long-term drinking, because distilled water retention of water vapor into the cooling water, and minerals in the water can not all form steam, so that substantially no minerals distilled water, drinking water and distilled water as the high cost, generally not use this method to purify water for drinking.

   Second, the traditional boil drinking water:

   This method has been the method most people use, we know that boiling the water temperature can reach 100 degrees Celsius, can kill most harmful bacteria, not for the pollution is not serious water pollution of heavy metals and other chemicals, sewage treatment can be carried out using the method of boiling water after drinking, characteristics, easy processing costs low price, can effectively solve some of the harmful bacteria in the water.

   Third, the method of removing water electrolysis:

   A method of electrolysis and many people are unfamiliar, so the net water heater experiment, many lie on the electrolysis of water quality, said local people have a problem case to buy water purifier columns abound. Electrolysis of water is not actually purify the role, but he can be purified for electrolysis of water, let the water PH value of the use of human drinking more, and can let water into alkaline-activated and drinking water, acidic activator water used to wash, bathe, is said to have the role of beauty, there is no specific authority proves that the method of electrolysis of water to drink to achieve the effect of using this method is generally used as drinking water is difficult to see.

   Fourth, water softening treatment:

   The water softening in the north we will see a lot, because the water in many parts of the South are all soft, do not say this with soft water difference machine, hard water and soft water with a high content of calcium and magnesium ions to a lower. Water softener is to reduce the effect of calcium and magnesium ion content in water, soft water calcium and magnesium ions to reach standards. Demineralized water can not remove the harmful substances in water, not water, but water may be used to soften the laundry, we usually find that cold weather Tianshui Southern heat water for the same laundry liquid detergent foam generated is not the same the process is slightly softened water can also be heated by boiling water.

   Fifth, the embodiment of composite wastewater treatment:

   is not said to be a method of complex treatment technique, but a combination of two or more the water treatment method to achieve a certain standard, such as the hard water, purified water, or hard water purifier, it is necessary to put through the water softening drinking water softener. Sewage treatment is not a complex way to achieve the effect of drinking before taking complex manner, a lot of the water used in the industry has taken a complex manner, such as water in the battery.

   Sixth, the method of treatment of sewage water salinity to:

   In fact, water salinity compound belonging to one embodiment of this small series to be extracted in order to better illustrate this method is suitable for drinking, but the market still selling. Mineralization method is added after the water purification minerals needed by the body to reach the standard of drinking mineral water, such as addition of minerals in distilled water, the body can drink this water and other long-term.

   Seven, chlorine and ultraviolet disinfection sewage treatment:

   This method of chlorine treatment of sewage we are intimately familiar with it since many municipal water is the method in this way, sulfur dioxide occurs by means of a machine to treat water, employing ultraviolet sterilization section, for river contamination is not serious, etc. are generally used after sterilization by filtration of the precipitated mixed suspect, Of course, for different water quality at the technology will be different, so that from it are Eligible municipal water market to buy irregular water purifiers can not only clean water may also cause secondary pollution, It could have drinking water, resulting in totally undrinkable.

   VIII, activated carbon filtration of sewage:

   This method is often used to understand in water purifiers, water purifier filter learn knows that a layer of water purification filter device, called the active carbon filter, adsorption of odors and he has removed some of the harmful gases, but also of some of the water filtering particulate matter, achieve the effect of water purification, the activated carbon does not filter heavy metals and mineral water material, if the water content is too heavy metals or minerals consumed by an activated carbon filter can not, since if it is municipal, activated carbon can be added after removal of residual chlorine in drinking water boil sterilization.

   Nine, ultrafiltration membrane water purification technology deal with:

   ultrafiltration membrane water purification technology for understanding the water purifier is not a stranger because there is a machine called a ultrafiltration unit, is the use of membrane technology. Ultrafiltration accuracy of 0.1 to 0.001 micron, most can filter particulate matter in water, can remove rust, suspended solids, colloids, bacteria and other organic molecules. And to retain minerals in the water, so the water by ultrafiltration We also called mineral water.

   X., RO reverse osmosis membrane wastewater treatment:

   RO membrane technology is currently the most advanced water treatment technology is, in many places take advantage of this technology to make desalination, this technique is also being used water purifiers, water purifiers using this technique we call water machine, known as a part of a home water purifier. It is possible to achieve high filtration accuracy 0.00001 micrometers, not only can the water filter particulate matter, colloidal suspensions and the like, but also the water remaining in the filter harmful gases, such as the pesticide industry and other contaminated water may also be treated with a reverse osmosis membrane RO , can achieve the effect of drinking, but the water after the RO membrane filter not only removes harmful substances in the waterEtc., but also filters out most of the minerals the body needs, this water purification after some people say belong to drinkable water, health, reason, most minerals are needed to get food from the human body, some people say long-term drinking can cause the bodys minerals often drink this water will be needed to reduce the near-by, affect human health. What no specific certification authority, but we know the water purifier RO reverse osmosis membrane technology is currently the most clean drinking water, a more comfortable drinking water.

   by the above ten kinds of waste water treatment point of view, the use of only 3-4 water purifier, and is the most secure drinking water purification RO membrane, so pure water for home use is currently the largest of a water purification equipment.

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