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The impact of online shopping brand-namwater purifier market

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The data shows the water purification industry first half of 2014 more than 40 percent increase over the same period last year, while the number of sectors from brand development, brand new addition from most other industries have visibility enterprises, such as the Four seasons Mu-song, rain, sun, these cross-sectoral nature should not be underestimated the strength of the brand, in addition to cross into the market after the brand has achieved good sales; but on the comprehensive development perspective, the real problem is that the industry the no-name face more competition, more market shortages; so with regular and relatively no-name market.


Water is easy to know from online shopping platform, continue to impact water purifier brand-name online shopping market, low prices, speculation and other formal concept vicious competition. For example, there is a lot on online shopping platform to promote their own brand water purifier has the effect of beauty, health and so on, this spring dew water purifier market a person in charge: water purifier main role is to filter out bacteria, viruses, colloid, rust, sediment, and other impurities; do not have any role in health care. In fact, precisely because of the existence of propaganda to mislead consumers on the market, to some extent hindered the development of water purifier.


Although the water purifier market is not perfect, but can not hinder water filter into the household; have some of the strength of the brand is becoming popular on the market, "darling." Whether water purifier brand list, you can still see the online shopping platform, the above can be seen in a well-known brands as the representative of brand reputation, sales are far ahead. And after entering 2014, hire stars as the spokesperson; title sponsorship of TV programs and so will further promote the development of water purification industry toward the direction of brand. So our water purifier, what kind of future will change the pattern of it?


First, the development of industry standardization. On the one hand, with the development of water purification industry, continued into the lives of the people, one of them a major role in the brand which serves as the main role, made a great contribution to the development of the industry to achieve the brand and standardized. Such as online market well-known brands, have been made for the development of the industry a great contribution, just product promotion and publicity for the country to build a water purifier is the quality of life, the concept of health, so that more people know and Learn purifier; on the other hand, this August 1, "and similar household drinking water treatment the core" and "household and similar DWTU" About two water purification appliancesThe formal implementation of the new national standard that will make further regulate the market.


Second, the domestic water purifier market more development potential. As more and more cross-industry brands to enter the domestic brand strength is growing, in addition to high-end imported brands blindly, different development path of high prices, mostly focusing on the comprehensive development of domestic brands, making the audience better than domestic brands imported brand.


Finally, intelligent direction. With the continuous improvement of our living standards are increasingly high requirements for substances naturally enjoy material life has become another way of life they rise or emotional realm. The intelligent water purifier is a combination of modern technology and demand, added more integrated experience, making our water purifier has entered a new era, a new generation of water purification concept is gradually formed, the future will be intelligent water purifier It will become our core position, but also will promote the rapid development of the industry.

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