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+ Exercise = healthy young and beautiful water

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  It is said that a woman is made of water, womens water demand is great, and mostly high-quality water and also help us to keep the skin supple and elastic, one of the secondary quantitative exercise would be better

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It is said that a woman is made of water, womens water demand is great, and mostly high-quality water and also help us to keep the skin supple and elastic, one of the secondary effect will be more quantitative exercise it is good.



   early morning wake up to eat more food

   This is to burn fat faster a vital part. Breakfast in the diet plan, played a decisive role. When a person is sleeping, the metabolic rate will reach a minimum. With the early morning wake up, the metabolism will gradually return to normal levels.

   sooner after waking up to eat breakfast, the metabolic rate will increase the faster. If you are a morning exercise enthusiasts, to ensure that pre-exercise eating a banana, exercise before eating breakfast. Tea or coffee irreplaceable breakfast oatmeal mixed with fruit or a cooked egg and a bowl of porridge, bread, breakfast is a good choice.

   too late to eat breakfast do not empty-handed to work

   If you no time to eat breakfast, to be prepared in advance a coarse flour bread, some fruit, such as bananas and a bottle of yogurt to the office. Like when hungry, you can readily take to a strong breakfast, timely work, "Come on."

   and a child to drink milk

   one day to drink three cups of yogurt a woman, will use 60 percent more fat than people who did not yogurt. What makes the yogurt has become so magical, the answer is yogurt rich in calcium ions. It acts as a catalyst to enable the body to burn fat faster. Yogurt with tofu, vegetables, cereal consumption, would be better to play the effect.

   sleep gain weight

   slept for 5 to 6 hours, the average weight ratio of 7-8 hours per day who sleep 6-8 lbs. When the normal sleep deprived, the body will produce large amounts of compression hormones to slow the rate of metabolism, while the next days appetite will increase. If you have to get up 7:00 in the morning, going to bed the night before the best around 11:00. Do not watch TV before going to sleep, you can soak in a hot bath, or read a good novel.

   honey alFaithful defender of somatic cells

   bread coated with honey is not your favorite breakfast? May wish to use the darker color of honey, rather than light-colored honey. According to a US study found that deep dark honey? Such as forest honey on human cells are particularly effective, because it is rich in antioxidant substances protect cells. And good for the blood, circulatory system can prevent heart disease.

   constant motion

   The daily exercise is divided into two parts, for example: 20 minutes of strength exercises early in the morning, half an hour walk after dinner, the metabolic rate will be doubled. That is phased exercise, easy to consume more calories than a one-time exercise. 5 minutes out of every hour walk around, it will also be effective. But do not walk into such a misunderstanding, do not think the movement will be effective in one second.

   diet on coarse

   A recent scientific research shows that the amount of cellulose in the weight-loss process, the key is not ingested, but what kind of cellulose in the digestive process can play to the best catalytic role of fat consumption.

   scientists by observing the insulin index of subjects to study the cellulose in the weight loss process in the role, the result is: always eat healthy, not processed fruits and vegetables, whole wheat bread than those consumption of processed starchy foods consume 80 percent of calories, fiber foods is directly absorbed by the body unprocessed, and processed fiber is broken down into sugars to be absorbed by the body. With the increase of sugar in the body, but also the ability to make insulin absorption of fat increases, so that the accumulation of body fat.

   five minutes completely relaxed

   When a person is in a state of complete relaxation, the body does not produce compressive hormones, which will feel comfortable and pleasant. People in this relaxed state, the tension has been released, stressed skin also gained a sense of open space. Therefore, we may remind ourselves to relax 5 minutes now!

   meal after meal to add more water

   before eating a meal should drink plenty of water. Body of water shortage, the level of metabolism will decrease 2% lower than the original. This time to avoid tea, soda, coffee and other caffeinated beverages. Under the influence of caffeine, the body can only absorb half of the water.

   spiritual food

   who wants to mind the spirit, quick thinkingAnd high efficiency, whoever should eat foods rich in carbohydrates and vitamin B. walnuts, wholemeal bread and bananas are your preferred strong brain products, because they supply you the necessary mental spiritual nourishment.

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