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Patio deep water purificion sale -12- Gold industry breakthr

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   According to Ovid cloud push all-channel network (AVC) data show that total, water purifier 2018 full-year sales amounted to 31.69 billion yuan, year on year growth of 17.4%, showing that the water purifier penetration rate higher and higher, consumers are increasingly high demand for water purifier. But our water industry has not yet perfect, and water purification market was mixed, uneven product quality, part of the water purifier brand service standards useless signs are everywhere. Which is quite criticized consumer service is many times more on negative "list" 3.15 Consumer Rights Day.



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   differ from other home appliances, water purifier installation and ongoing maintenance requires professional sales staff follow-up, such as when the filter life is exhausted, the timely replacement will not cause secondary pollution, require the master-site to replace the filter. But in fact, has always stressed that "Three products, seven services," the water purification industry, the implementation time to market, but always a "third of the product, a service division, six points flicker" phenomenon, leading to water purifiers service chaos frequent and problematic.

   The lack of awareness of service, many companies are just selling water purifiers regardless of service, so that the water purifier to be a sense of "disposable products", consumers do not want to pay, resulting in after-sales service constraints become the sound development of the water industry.

   "Chinese water industry is the largest short-board service, and the service is precisely to achieve the establishment of good relations with the user, one of the key user training brand loyalty." China Patio water purification experts know the importance of clean water service industry, to enhance the service and products of equal importance: specification of CSM customer management system, more than one hundred people customer service team, ready to solve consulting, installation, maintenance and other products in question; coverage nationwide service network, so that the radiation after-sales service for most parts of the country.



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   the second half of 2018, in order to further improve service quality of Patio, Patio Group took the lead to build since "twelve" service system, every process in strict accordance with the standards and specifications, to create thoughtful, careful, attentive, high-quality service for every consumer.

   According to the work of the internal PatioStaff said, "twelve" service system include: By Appointment, service provisioning, in-time home, presented two certificates, survey the scene, identify needs, cost estimates, carry out services, test machine testing, explain the use, fill in a single fee, cleaning farewell . By "twelve" service system, consumers can feel more humane, more professional service experience.

   "no matter how good the quality of products, no installation, maintenance and other ancillary services, water purifier is difficult to play its real value" Patio official says, after-sales service is more and more users choose brand one of the key factors, only established a sound service system, establish a good sense of service, the first time to solve the problem of after-sales users, in order to allow the user to feel the Patio expertise and intentions, but also eliminates the users net water is used to worry about.

   It is reported that after-sales staff Patio of all certificates, rigorous training system to protect the professionalism of service. While in the service cost consumers concerned about, Patio also established a standardized system, all after-sales service personnel in the process, must be in strict accordance with the national standardized charges were estimated fee-based services project, and lists the user For more details of the charges, so that fee transparency and standardization. After the service is completed, the contents of after-sales service staff will be double-checked water power test machine is correct, ensure the integrity of the service.



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   and constantly improve the service system, allowing users to better enjoy intimate while using the product Patio service. Patio believe that only the real from the users needs, will win customers and win market and win the future, it is this faith, continue to push to break the bottleneck Patio water purification industry, and promote more orderly and healthy development of the industry.

   "after-sales service has been a short board where the water industry, and establish Patio twelve service system is undoubtedly the industry make up the short pulled a positive role." Industry observers say, Patio continue improve service quality, not only for their own development Patio beneficial, to enhance the overall service level of water purification industry also had a great role, which is commendable in the current field of water purification.

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