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The sudden emergence of water purification products manufact

2020-07-18 作者:Agency cooperation   |   浏览(122)

   In recent years, my countrys increasingly serious water pollution problems, with the increase of peoples income level, as well as public awareness of clean water gradually improve, water purifiers ushered in the spring development of the industry. In the appliance industry downturn in the overall development of the situation, the Chinese water market in the first half of this year growth rate of 40%, but the penetration rate is only 3% to 5%, well below the 70% penetration of households in Europe and America, a huge market space.

   2014 first quarter, due to the energy-saving PWM policy exit, new energy-efficient changes in the implementation of standards and other policies, the impact of the Internet affect the cause of the home appliance industry, real estate market adjustment, resulting in the Chinese home appliance industry market overall weakness. According to Ovid Consulting (AVC) data show that the first quarter of 2014, Chinas washing machine terminal retail sales fell 1.7 percent, to open the door cold. Chinas color TV market, domestic sales fell 13.3 percent year on year. 2013 water heater market size of retail sales rose more than 20% water heater market in 2014 continued to show a rising trend, but growth has slowed down. In this case, water purification products meteoric rise in the first half 2014 growth rate of 40%.



   According to incomplete statistics, China water purifier market penetration of only 3% to 5%, while Japan and South Korea and other developed markets mostly over water purifier penetration 70%. Among them, north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen and other cities penetration rate of about 15%, less than 10% of the second and third tier cities, the rural market is almost blank, the reason for this phenomenon is that there is a deviation consumer awareness of water purification products, while never most of the poor consumer awareness of the problem of water purification.

   because of the special nature of the water purification industry products, manufacturers need to improve product penetration, first of all need to work together to develop the market. Consumers need to realize that as the environment changes, water purifiers have become necessities of life. So that consumers correctly understand the problem of water purification, water purifier to understand the effectiveness, so that every Chinese household water purifiers become just need products, become a top priority throughout the development of water purification industry.

   water purifier market is growing rapidly, attracting crowded. Currently a large water purifier brand, not only the United States, Patio drinking water machine and other traditional local brands, the United States A.O. Smith, GE, EcoWater other multinational companies, as well as TCL, Chunlan, Xinfei and other markets the new army. According to rough estimates, there are water purification equipment company in the Chinese market has more than 3000.

   a number of manufacturers, marking the huge potential for the development of water purification industry, also caused water purification industry disorderly chaos. Currently water purification products is more a lack of relevant standards, become loopholes development of the industry. The sound development of the industry is able to continue to maintain the basis of rising development. To solve this problem, Patio, beautiful, A.O. Smith and 32 water purifier industry leading enterprises, co-sponsored the "Chinese water industry self-discipline Convention." We hope in the future development of the industry, the water purifier market to long-term norms, and to maintain the momentum of healthy development.

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