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Water purification industry controversy who can break throug

2020-07-16 作者:Agency cooperation   |   浏览(72)

   In 2017, soon after the opening, the water purification industry on the controversy, competition in the industry, "price war" imminent at the same time, companies are also affected by metal prices of raw materials, environmental protection department inspectors open and so on, all kinds of events in Forced water purifier enterprises to speed up transformation and upgrading, to seek rapid development.

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   China reported hall statistics show that my countrys water purifier market in 2017 will reach 50 billion yuan scale. However, changes in market environment, let the water purifier business re-enter the differentiation stage of the industry reshuffle. Multiple pressure of the water purifier to small and medium enterprises bottlenecks, very difficult, but it might be a reborn from the ashes of the opportunity. Meanwhile, Quan Lu, the United States, Patio, Angel, net of the spring, Ze-ho, nine-yang, sound, liters, and other big companies to adjust Yaken 2017 strategy. Who can stand out in the face of adversity, it is worth the wait.

   emulate, for Qufahushang purifier companies as good as a recipe. Throughout 2017 major brand business development strategy, "smart", "channel" has become the main keyword. Lu Quan Quan water purifier will continue to strengthen the image of dew water purification product development, improve product quality, enhance brand competitiveness, meet the new era of smart water purifier; spring water purifier will be more exposed to the relentless pursuit of product quality, process perfect, leading the luxury of process water purifiers, water purifiers to achieve the design, quality and sustainability of the perfect combination; more focused on high-end users listed first desktop free installation of smart water purifier.

   channels to expand the focus beyond products and services to major brands concerned. At the same time the net of the 2017 spring water purifier products will continue to be a starting point, improve product design, development, increase technology investment, based on the domestic multi-directional channel development, to speed up the net of the spring water purifier in overseas markets its own brand penetration ; net of the spring product, brand, channel full force. The next few years, net of the spring will be "wisdom and ecological water" as the brands core demands, creating a new brand image, brand transformation to achieve synchronization younger, fashion-oriented. The channel further reforms, a comprehensive expansion in the main channel for retail, home improvement, construction, etc., by creating terminal "super stores" online and offline accelerated integration, and other measures to consolidate and strengthen the channel edge net of the spring, and create a new net Fountain "big platform." "Wan Chin County town plan" has continued to advance by the net of the spring; constant cleaning adhere to quality, continuous innovation, and further widen the channels; to improve the finalEnd service; "2017 US water purifier overall development plan" from "brand of temperature, the dimension of channels, products of precision" marketing idea passed, precision farming channels, Sword 2017; Yaken water purifier strengthen patented technology, actively participate in the exhibition, to accelerate the international development of the layout, establish a high-quality water purifier brand image. Patio, Angel, Quan Lu, nine positive and other companies continue to expand the product line, the full expansion of channels, intensive innovation and development.

   2017 Guangzhou Water Show official said, differentiated brand product design, function, differentiated product content of celebrity endorsements, line shop online and offline stores, construction and other cross-border blend of platform eventually return to the channel the construction, terminal sales.

   bath industry hundreds of billions of Chinese market, the world can not fight the amount of water purifier market is waiting for business to develop. Water purifier business development of the same thing, in a mighty force in fighting, can lead and must be based on a precise vision to seize the opportunity of a.

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