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Why you need a quality water purifier

2020-07-16 作者:Agency cooperation   |   浏览(184)

   many of my friends still do not understand the role of pure water is for undecided whether to buy. So, we first look at how a flow of water in the body: the water enters the human body, first of all to the stomach, then into the intestine, the intestinal absorption into the liver, the liver detoxification and then into the blood circulation safe. However, the liver is responsible for detoxifying not only responsible for detoxification. Please imagine: the water we drink contains many impurities decades, so much garbage in the water where to go yet here we have to mention another very important organ of the human body - thats kidney?. The kidney is the bodys largest organ filter, it is also the man put into our bodies to filter out impurities. It is non-stop all the time to be with our blood filtration process, it is useful to stay let them back into the blood circulation, it is useless to store filtered out into the bladder and then excreted into urine.


   However, when the impurity content is too high among the water we drink, when the kidneys to bear a very heavy burden filter, once some impurities can not effectively be filtered out well, they will slowly accumulated in our bodies, falling in deep, it is likely to form stones (gallstones, kidney stones, bladder stones, urinary tract stones, stones and other fallopian tubes). At the same time, we also may damage the kidney cells. Did you know that - human kidney cells are non-renewable, once it is no longer damaged beyond repair. A normal kidney will increase with age and gradually reduced after the age of twenty, to seven or eight years of age, if still alive and healthy, and that his only remaining kidney is the size of three of his youthful one points. So, my friends, ah, take good care of your kidneys, because this is an inevitable move longevity!

   Since the kidney talked about, then talk with you some of our daily life is closely related with the kidney to the phenomenon for reference. We know that hypertension is already commonplace in our daily lives disease among men and women, and the West treat hypertension is simple: antihypertensive drugs the two index down even if the bin, high eat, you will buck for life medicine as partners. But you know, when youre low pressure (DBP) values 鈥嬧€媋bove 95mmhg, it is not an ordinary high blood pressure, and should be called renal hypertension, kidney this time is out of the question. Any swollen bags under the eyes, wear socks to the Le ditch, deafness, tinnitus, memory loss, pale yellow lesbians, maleComrade lack of physical weakness, those who Shao Baitou, bad teeth, bone hyperplasia, lumbar disc tray out, the old lady heel pain, senile constipation, kidney are out of the question. Renal most taboo word: one is the "salty", one is "fear": eating salty harm to the kidneys, usually bite Kouchong friends must pay attention to adjust salt intake. Experts suggest that a normal daily salt intake should not exceed a beer bottle. Fear of renal injury, it refers to the long-term fear or sudden unexpected shock, able to cause kidney damage. So many times worse beating than scary. Children over 10 years old still wet the bed, it is likely that the original parents of custody process inadvertently frightened lead to large kidney injury.

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