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Water glass full bloom it will explode

2020-07-15 作者:Agency cooperation   |   浏览(65)


   why the glass of water on the trail is easy to explode, water glass full bloom explode it? Many people do not know how this is going, 2020-06-04 reveal the answer for everyone.




We all know that glass is the safest and most healthy of glass, but glass is easy to fry, so many people are cautious when using glass, all glass water bloom explode it?


after the boiling water into the glass, the thermal expansion of the cup, due to the relatively poor thermal conductivity of glass, the glass lining layer expands, the outer heat has not been received, so the glass expansion hysteresis cup outer wall, the outer wall of the sudden increase in pressure the moment the pressure exceeds the strength of the cup, so the burst occurs. If you pour a cup glass of water at room temperature will not explode, like winter or vice versa from the fridge just out of the cup will appear below a certain temperature. Xiao Bian suggest that you use the glasses to advance in the cup at the same time let the outside heat, then pour hot water, the degree of difference between the inside and outside of the cup expansion is not so big, it will not burst up.


Which cup to drink the safest? Is well known that glass is the safest, because the glass does not contain organic chemicals that when people drink water with a glass or other drinks, do not worry about chemicals drunk into the stomach, and the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, so people drink water with a glass is the healthiest, safest.


The above content provided, thank you for your continued interest in our family drinking little knowledge, we will, as always, as we continue to serve the next period, to help you pull off life problems and learning experience, Im glad to serve you.




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