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Online shopping market was mixed public parts homemade water

2020-07-14 作者:Agency cooperation   |   浏览(106)


with respect to the market almost disappeared in the water dispenser, water purifier is gradually entering households, many consumers still online shopping system, DIY home water purifier.


How, then, Yangzhou water purifier market? DIY water purifier safe? Reporter yesterday interviewed experts.


online buy spare parts


a lot of people at home DIY water purifier


the public Ki is a DIY water purifier. He told reporters, water purifier principle is relatively simple, and now the Internet has been more mature parts sales, so he decided to buy back their own assembly.


"I bought a jar of pre-processing, plus four loaded filter bottles, and a different filter." Mr. An estimate, these devices cost him a total of five or six hundred dollars, after buying this device back, he only spent about half an hour assembled.


Ki said he already has a home water purifier ultrafiltration, so he purchased mainly TDF filter cartridge for filtering impurities, PP and cotton-based activated carbon filter. "The water that was filtered, and then placed in an ultrafiltration apparatus, it is possible to directly produce drinking water." Ki said apparatus without ultrafiltration water, only with a more ultrafiltration means the filter on it.


In Ki view, the market compared to the hundreds of thousands of water purification machines, the cost of their own much smaller. "And you assembled this water purifier contrast, longer filter life, a late replacement costs should be much lower."


Reporters subsequent search found that many online businesses net sales water machine parts.


then assemble their own water purification device safe?


Insiders Ms Ho said the water purifier parts to assemble their own products without a license if it is, most likely because of product quality problems, not only can not purify water, but water pollution, endangering the health of consumers. "And water purifier security incidents leakage of water leakage, but also because the installation is not in place caused." She suggested, "their DIY products, the best expertise to install."


Reporters visited


purifier sales increased year after year, to promote its exaggerated


so, with respect to DIY water purifier cheap prices, water purifier market sales and how?


yesterday in Mando decorated the city, a water purifier brand staff Mr. Xu told reporters, public health special attention now, "a lot of people on the newly renovated home will install a water purifier." [ 123]

   he told reporters, here are the basic water purifier sales have "drinking water" function, the price ranging from multi-multi-1000-3000. During the interview, some of the brands sales staff in addition to direct drinking water purifier propaganda functions, an on-site health care and even played signs, claiming water purifier has the effect of beauty care.




   3000 yuan water purifier is filled with a few dollars a cotton filter


   "There was a bit of consumers to inquire, said his family bought a 3000 yuan of water purification machines. recently, the water purifier ceramic filter after accidentally break, he even found it stuffed with cotton. consumers doubt, this seems only a few dollars of cotton filter is not able to play filtration, the price is so expensive cheated. "


   City consumers Association to remind the staff," when consumers buy, be sure to look dealers two cards are complete, household appliances peremptory norms the 3C certification and the sale of water purifier water installment of file. If the business does not get out, do not buy. "


   the industry


   not all of the water purifier water can "drink straight."


   "the main role of water purifier or filter impurities in the water, the vast majority are marketing gimmicks that claim to have health care function, and there is no scientific basis." engaged in water purification machine sales for many years Ms Ho told reporters, water purification machines now on the market many products, not all of the water purifier output water is safe to drink, "to filter out pollutants is to determine the size of the merits of the water purifier one of the criteria, and some brands of water purification can be directly consumed, although some also known as water purification machines, but did not direct consumption function. "


  " filter must be changed regularly. However, be sure to go to regular businesses to buy. "Ms Ho said that many businesses do not mention the late water purifier replacement filter in the sale price," price discovery filter hundreds or even thousands of consumers need to be replaced. in fact, the general the wholesale price of ordinary filter, only a dozen yuan. "




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