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Sponge the city to solvthreproblemso promotconstructi of eco

2020-07-14 作者:Agency cooperation   |   浏览(53)

  The city sponges urban construction mobilization meeting

   Liaocheng held in May, marking the sponge Liaocheng city construction work started. At least 75% of the rainfall achieve local and consumptive use, the city is expected to gradually achieve rain no water, no rain waterlogging, water is not black-odor, heat island mitigation targets there.




sponge solve three problems to promote the construction of urban water conservation culture (Photo from Internet)

   effectively alleviate the urban water shortages

   reporters learned that, as Liaocheng northern resource shortage city, municipal water and landscape water rivers and lakes on the Yellow River water, ground water and other East a passenger dependent on water resources seriously, there is a structural risk of urban water resources allocation, also constitute urban water security threat.

   According to reports, this sponge urban construction area inland lake system clouds, and both landscape water, which is mostly water Yellow River water through a sponge urban construction "stagnation, build, net" and other engineering measures, It may provide a second source of water for the water landscape and ecological water Dongchang Lake, Yellow River water to alleviate the adverse effects of decreased reliability.

   In addition, Liaocheng municipal water supply groundwater sources share close to 50%, groundwater extraction increased year by year, while the over-exploitation of Liaocheng as "spa town" of geothermal resources in recent years, exacerbated by falling water tables despite Liaocheng introduced a number of initiatives to address the problem, but it can only slow the rate of decline in groundwater levels, groundwater funnel area has been formed is difficult to repair. The construction of the region to the tourist resort as the representative of the construction area, good soil drainage condition, through the "infiltration, net, with" initiatives and other projects can be effective groundwater recharge, thereby enhancing the protection of underground sources of water supply in Liaocheng City in the constitution rate, while greatly promote the sustainable development of geothermal resources in Liaocheng City, Liaocheng promote comprehensive "spa town" benign development.

   effectively improve the urban water environment quality

   According to reports, this sponge Liaocheng city construction area selected Dongchang Lake and the high-tech zone two built-up areas, river and lake water clouds, east Chang Lake and the new lake plan are located in the construction area. By the smooth implementation of the regions urban construction sponge, a sponge full play to the city by "absorbing water, water, water, water release" function, will promote Dongchang Lake, as the representative of the new lake to enhance the environmental quality of urban water system, promote the vigorous development of tourism in the city, to improvePublic daily life and quality of living environment, thus providing the internal driving force for the harmonious development "Jiangbei Water City" of.

   In addition, Liaocheng as "Jiangbei Water City" "spa town" many within the city water system, rivers and lakes staggered, rich in geothermal resources. The characteristics of healthy and sound development of urban water ecosystem is both Liaocheng city construction, the highlight is the focus and difficulty of urban construction. According Liaocheng City Master Plan (2014-2030), Liaocheng city water system planning (2007-2020) target of planning and construction, Liaocheng City in the future will be built "one lake, two rivers, eight loop" network of water structure. The sponge urban construction area selected Dongchang Lake and the high-tech zone two built-up areas, can be combined with one of the lake, two rivers, water system construction of the Fourth Ring Road, which can be seen in this sponge urban construction area, not only plays an important role in the structure of water in Liaocheng, Liaocheng is also a key area of 鈥嬧€媏cological civilization construction of the water. By sponge urban construction in the region, while achieving ecological protection of water within the construction area, will effectively promote the construction of water conservation culture as a whole Liaocheng city.

   solve the problem of waterlogged sections of water

   According years Liaocheng city waterlogging statistics show that the city has nine main waterlogged area, these areas drains old, low design standards , diameter smaller, regional development and greater strength in the vicinity, large stormwater runoff, and there is no rain and sewage diversion, therefore limited drainage capacity, are key areas of drainage, rain and sewage diversion transformation is the difficulty area.

   In addition, in response to the rainy city waterlogging problem, the current urban area to use more rain waterlogged Sort strong, more strong planning situation and the number of Pumping Station, the increase in investment in infrastructure, while operating costs, not conducive to energy conservation and the daily operation and management.

   According to reports, this sponge covers the central city urban construction area 7 waterlogged area, through the promotion of the regions urban construction sponge, not only in the construction area and focus on urban waterlogging, old pipe network, rain water and sewage merging and other issues, may effectively reduce the operation load intensity Pumping Station and energy consumption, also make Liaocheng central city urban waterlogging problem is more than 80% relief. Coupled with the implementation of the scheme Liaocheng 2016 fiscal distributors, Zhuang Chen Yue Road to the intersection of light rain and sewage diversion renovation project, will effectively solve the problem of waterlogging remaining two sections, so that all sections of waterlogged during the rainy season the water problem within the city center to get Liaocheng thoroughResolve to provide effective security for Liaocheng city water. (Source: HC purification network)

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