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Victor House condolences Luan 14-year-old Luiangig

2020-07-10 作者:Agency cooperation   |   浏览(175)

   The story of the hero Ming Jiaolv bright, 14-year-old, who lives in Castle Peak District Yuan Township. During the National Day, at home, nothing else, begins at home got alcohol, alcohol burning to play. Who wants a careless, alcohol spray out, spray the whole body is bright, shiny body at the moment the fire burned up. At this point his father Lvzi Fu is site work, and mentally ill mother Chen Huarong also know what to do, but fortunately a neighbor was passing by, heard the cries, immediately rushed over to help the shiny body of the fire out, and quickly help dialed 120.

   at 3:00 pm, was sent to the bright Luan City Peoples Hospital, then was transferred to the First Affiliated Hospital emergency Anhui Medical University, currently under intensive care. After diagnosis, shiny body more than 50% burns, was rushed to the hospital, or your own step by step move on the bed. Before surgery, he kept a small shiny told Doctor: I must keep my father said the family was I burned out the plug and let him use the time must pay attention to safety.

   Speaking of shiny family, is very tragic. His mother Chen Huarong because people with mental illness, there is no ability to work, eat a good few hundred dollars a month instead of drugs, sister and two bright people want to read. A family of four people thanks to his father Lvzi Fu to do hard labor meager income to maintain. The family was poor no place to live, fortunately, we have good people to provide a simple shack a few for this family, to shelter from the wind cold.

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