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Three main types of water purifier filtneed to look at compa

2020-07-10 作者:Agency cooperation   |   浏览(104)

   filter is the core component of the water purifier, purifier filter selection is important. Currently, the water purifier market there are three main filter: filter bottle filter, push-in filter, Snap-filter. With the popularity of water purification machines, as well as increasingly sophisticated technology, snap-type filter will become increasingly favored by consumers, Snap-filter is the development trend of the future of water purifier cartridge. So, at this stage consumers face three filters, in the end how to choose?




three main types of water purification filters contrast select need to look at individual needs (picture from the network)

   a, from the point of view disadvantages filter

   refers to a filter flask type activated carbon, PP cotton filter placed in the bottle, and then installed in the water purifier professional tools on the device. Type filter having a filter flask and replacement of manufacturing low cost, high flow filter, using the advantages of a long time. But there are also replacing the hassle, secondary pollution.

   Push-in cartridge from South Korea, which is characteristic of a large protruding from the open bottle type filter cartridge into a closed, avoid secondary pollution, while the smaller push-in filter volume. But the push-in filter also has its place immature, push-filter replacement need professionals and professional tools, in addition to more push-in filter interface and technical instability, likely to cause water leakage accident.

   Snap-filter has the advantage of push-in secondary pollution, and also without specialized tools and advantages professional installation. However, due to the current technology is not mature enough, so there will still be some problems.

   Second, the sales prices of the

   filter bottle filter water purifier lowest price, and because only the filter needs to be replaced, so the latter part of the least cost, on average only one year 100 yuan. Most Korean brand and push-filter water purifier has been launched and is currently part of the Snap-filter water purifier price is similar, but the higher cost of the latter two, a year on average need about 300 yuan.

   Third, the product from the technical point of view

   Snap-filter water purifier represents the highest level of water purifier filter technology, whether from no secondary pollution benefits or stability filtered and convenience are higher than the bottle and push-type water purifier. The push-filter water purifier filter compared with bottle filter water purifier, also has the advantage of no secondary pollution.

   three netWater filter has advantages and disadvantages, pay attention to the cost of consumer prices, optional filter bottle water purifier; emphasis on technical and health-conscious consumers can choose Snap-water purifier. So, choose water purifier filter needs to be based on the specific circumstances of consumers.

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