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+ OEM aftermarket outsourcing universal wat purification ind

2020-07-09 作者:Agency cooperation   |   浏览(95)

  From the current status of the development of water purification industry perspective, water purification products itself, there are still many shortcomings, which the service industry chain is the most confusing part. There are even people in the industry believe,



   From the current status of the development of water purification industry perspective, water purification products itself, there are still many shortcomings, which the service industry chain is the most confusing part . Insiders believe that even if the state of municipal water purification projects can be improved - that is, if the demand for water purification from plant sources such as water pipe resolved, household water purification equipment may disappear from the market.

   water purifier is not a mature product, there are many shortcomings

   "If the current market in the sale of products take testing, probably the vast majority do not pass." Reluctant to disclose certain the names of people in the industry told reporters that because of water purifier involves "direct drinking" and other food safety and hygiene reasons, according to state regulations, each product model must have a health and safety permits this document relevant regulatory authorities, and even some of the major parts also need to have this document, allowed production and sales, but now most brands do not do it, "and in accordance with the requirements, the product should be production, packaging, transport and storage in a sterile environment. but I believe the industry is not a factory can do this, including foreign investment, joint venture brand. "

   another industry also bluntly in an interview with reporters, household water purifiers are not mature product, if some of the short board can not make the case as soon as possible it is bound to be a transitional product, eventually even out of the market. To RO reverse osmosis water purifier, for example, it is usually installed in the cabinet under the kitchen sink in - this is a humid, dark, easy to breed bacteria in the environment, usually in the machine after the completion of water, "water" They are stored in a separate pitcher. "The problem is that the pitcher is not absolute seal, it is easy to cause secondary pollution in the kitchen cupboards." Therefore, he reminded the public good water purification system a few days if not used, the best of all let go of, reproduce "fresh clean water."

   He also believed that water purification products are technically has not been able to solve the problem of "high rate of waste water", the machine currently on the market at the time of water, each system will produce a pure 3 parts wastewater. Wastewater containing rust, viruses, bacteria, sand and other impurities, will be drained. "This is obviously not an environmentally friendlyProducts, with the idea to build an energy-saving society runs counter to the States. "He admits the problems are not resolved, water purification products can not be regarded as a mature, better products, limited prospects for the industry. If the future of the country to keep up with the municipal construction projects, such as the completion of the water purification sectors, from household sources such as waterworks water purification equipment disappeared from the market.

   Guangzhou at least hundreds of informal after-sales business

   As we all know, water purification products in the appliance category is a high-margin category, in particular is the filter of the profits as much as 200% to 300%. According to industry statistics, there are nearly 4,000 large and small enterprises to participate in market competition, "For a piece." but for whatever reason, the industry each chain link there. " quick success, "the problem, which is the service industry, the largest piece of chaos.

   a water purifier brand of Guangzhou general agent Mr Tsang told reporters that most of the manufacturers service outsourcing, mainly there are two ways: First, the outsourcing of services to the agent to do, relatively specialized; the other is "pure outsourcing", those sales service brands are doing something entirely profit-oriented, it is prone to the detriment of consumers behavior.

   "this one on clean water, the current market in Guangzhou at least hundreds of informal service companies. "Mr Tsang said that this will have two consequences: First, for profit, for the core process equipment may give the public" shoddy "of the filter; the second is not qualified to serve, not professional operation, cause the machine to leak , does not work, and so, after reporters had received such a complaint.

   the industrys recommendations

   low-end products for the OEM is best not to buy

   in an interview with reporters process found that the price level of water purification products there are "worlds apart" such as AO Smith, a reverse osmosis water purifier priced as high as 13,800 yuan, product price also 5000 yuan to 6,000 yuan;.. EcoWater a Water softeners should be 12,000 yuan, the average price of more than 4,000 yuan, while there are also a lot of reverse osmosis water purifier priced at around $ 600.

   in this regard, several manufacturers who confirmed to reporters, most low-end products currently on the market is OEM, including market makers are so big - because profit margins low-end products is generally small, their productionAbility to control costs far less than those specialized OEM factory, so different brands of low-end products are from the same production line down, it is not surprising.

   but the quality of these products is really worrying. Manufacturers who have technical staff said that the water purification industry "deep water", in particular filters, made of different materials depending on the manufacturing cost can vary several times. With PP cotton, for example, in terms of procurement costs, there are two yuan a, there are dozens of yuan a. Since PP cotton are wrapped in a plastic housing, the consumer can not tell the difference. "OEM factory is not a premium brand, make money only from the manufacturing sector, profit margins are being squeezed very limited and can only minimize the cost of production, then the product quality can imagine." The technician said, water purification products with consumers health, food safety is closely related, it is proposed that the consumer is best not to buy because of cheaper low-end products.

   Do not superstitious foreign brands "expensive" does not mean "excellent"

   hundreds of million of water purifiers anyone really buy it? In Guangzhou Suning, Gome appliance chain stores, many sales staff, told reporters that more and more consumers pay attention to air, water health and safety issues, even if the price of foreign brands of thousands at every turn, are willing to "pay" is still a lot of people. "Chant is to buy peace of mind." There are consumers surveyed expressed.

   but the information reporters learned is: foreign brands of "expensive" does not necessarily mean "good" on quality, consumers pay high prices do not necessarily buy the best products. "In addition to imported machines, many foreign brands are also in domestic production, from raw material procurement to production, quality control standards, and domestic brands no different. Many of or OEM, but with level, the performance of the product than the price of domestic brands 30% to 50% higher. "a home appliance channel said.

   Reporters also learned that some European and American foreign brands of machine imported products, due to the application of more stringent production control is the European Union standards, product quality may be to some of the better. However, these products are Europe and other countries carry out research and development of local water quality, water quality may not be suitable for our country.

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