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Shu water purification projects andoverty alleviionrograms h

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   "School of sweet water, tastes so good, I want to take home to my mother drink ......" Recently, third-year students in Xinjiang Cele Dharma Gou plunk elementary school to buy Er Haba Mamat Ming said happily stood before the newly installed water purifier school. Not only is Plunk primary school, with the support of poverty alleviation and water purification program, this year the southern border of Four States has 47 primary schools and kindergartens also installed a water purifier, more than 20,000 teachers and students to drink a drink of quality and safety standards water.



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   good safe drinking water in poor areas, tackling poverty is a "no worries about two, three guarantees" in an important indicator. By 2016, Xinjiang rural drinking water quality monitoring results show that the overall water quality compliance rate of Kashgar, Hotan Prefecture, Xinjiang significantly lower than the average. Improve drinking water conditions in poor areas, Xinjiang is one of the key poverty alleviation work.

   2017, according to the central deployment requirements on winning the battle of poverty, focus on building a special poverty alleviation, trade poverty, social poverty alleviation poverty alleviation pattern of large complement each other, combined with the global sustainable development agenda of poverty reduction goals of the United Nations in 2030 Ministry of Commerce China international economic and technical exchange Center, autonomous regions and poverty Alleviation Office, United Nations Development Program in conjunction with Coca-Cola, one fund, jointly set up water purification projects and poverty alleviation in Xinjiang, 2017 Year - 2020 focus on contiguous poverty-stricken areas in Xinjiang primary school, kindergarten provide 100 water purification equipment, open water and health classroom training to drive to benefit students and their families to enhance health awareness. At the same time, the program will explore the social forces involved in tackling poverty cooperation mechanism, the establishment of multi-party partnerships, and strive to achieve long-term project results and sustainability.

   2017, Xinjiang poverty alleviation and water purification projects selected 40 rural primary schools and kindergartens in four counties skin Hill County, Shufu, Shule County, Kuqa County, installation of water purification equipment 40, 12856 teachers and students to benefit people, including students from families poor precision 5231 people. 2018, the project was completed 50 water equipment installation work, covering the southern border of Four States in five counties 47 schools, teachers and students to benefit 20119 people.

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