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, The source of water purifiers usa wat filto pay ntion toh

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  With growing affluence after the peoples material conditions, the requirements of healthy life, the higher the quality of life, good or bad quality of drinking water is also growing interest of consumers, the water purification industry attracted an unprecedented explosive growth mode. More and more families began to use water purification products, but in the course of many did not pay attention to small details is damaging the health of their families, they are unaware. Xiao Bian today to share with you and with little attention to the issue of household water purifiers use. Users often install water purifier filter did not notice would have expired, the installation of the outlet and the sewage outfall are wrong, the tap water is very small. In fact, many owners only know that drinking to health, spend money to buy a water purifier, but ignore small problems during use. In fact, after buying water purifiers, in the course of these questions need to pay attention: 01, consumers must be installed correctly looked after-sales installation personnel, and this is critical to check whether the correct installation, installation errors out of the water if possible there is a problem. It has been reported some time ago not to install a water purifier staff the outlet and the sewage outfall wrong, harm consumers drank a few years of waste water, of course, but professional installers are generally not rule out the possibility of a mistake. 02, must be washed before use water purifiers before use must be washed several minutes, some home water purifier may have been placed for a long period of time, which may penetrate the bacterial impurities and rinse a few minutes just fine, the same way if the family water purifiers over a period of time is useless, next time then need to wash a few minutes. 03, the timing to replace the filter cartridge is a home water purifier to be replaced regularly, usually water purifier which contains pp cotton filter, activated carbon filter, or ultrafiltration membrane cartridge ro the like. (Source: Public Safety and the source of the water purifier number, invasion delete) for each filter replacement time is not the same, pp cotton from March to June, for once, for once activated charcoal six to September, ultrafiltration membrane or two to ro three years for once, but now there are intelligent reminder, the machine will remind you to replace the filter. 04, promptly clean up the sewage outfall is generally good water filter will have automatic flushing device, the user can extend the life of the filter should be checked in time outfall, in case problems arise. If outfall blockage will not only shorten the life of the filter, the water quality will reduce secondary pollution. 05, is not used for a long time off valve installed home water purifier, the front end of the valve to be installed separately, most of the water purifier manufacturers are three distributionPass, not using the water valve should be closed to prevent the water passing in the case, tap water hammer instantaneous Excessive pressure results in damage to the water purifier. 06, non-professionals do not disassemble off immediately as failure with household water purifiers water inlet valve, the water cut of the water purifier called the installer, water purifier is small filters have a complicated device structure , non-professionals do not disassemble. By the above is the home water purifier Note the use of a few points, small partners to use a water filter must pay attention to these problems, do not ignore Oh, ignore these issues, then to the water purification effect can not blame the poor. (Source: Public Safety and the source of the water purifier number, invasion deleted)

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