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Water purifier filtwasoftenturned out to beauty! _ Wpication

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  Water purifier filter water softener turned out to beauty! Published: at 17:11 on August 23 2017 Hits: 24

water for humans is very important, in addition to the daily drinking water, our facial skin is also a great need for health, clean water to moisten. Use water purifier filter tap water to skin care, to avoid some of the water itself contains hazardous substances are absorbed by human skin.

so hard and soft water to wash your face what difference does it make?


a. Hard water face


When wash your face with hard water, calcium, magnesium and soap each other role in the formation of water-insoluble calcium and magnesium soaps, it is like gum, sticky substance easily adheres to the face removed. In this way, the original dirt on the skin does not wash, and because adding a new dirt. Gunk dirt clogging calcium and magnesium soaps formed at the opening of the skin glands, not only clogging of the discharge passage of the skin, embolization, irritate the skin, but also affect the normal metabolism of the skin, skin atrophy premature aging.


II. Soft face


When the wash with soft water, soft water the dirt can be completely removed skin cells, delay skin aging, no skin pulling feeling after washing, delicate shiny . However, since soft water rich in organic minerals, having strong detergency, only a small amount of cleansing cream, makeup can achieve 100% effect, so Amy softener is a necessity. .


soft water three other functions


dishware, porcelain clean as new, no water spot defects; reduce the use of detergent 53%, greatly beneficial to the environment, kitchen cleaning time is reduced by 50%.


Health: toilets, sinks, tubs yellow no fouling, odor.


Laundry: laundry soft, clean, as new color, clothing fibers 33% increase in the number of washes, the amount of reduction of 55% of detergent, washing machines and other water reducing equipment maintenance problems due to the use of hard water caused.


Equipment: a water heater or boiler maintenance times greatly reduced life expectancy more than doubled heater, gas heater and reduce electricity costs by 29% to 32%, water pipes installed in the home interior scaling, obstruction.


Thus, through the water purifier filter out of the water softener can not only help us better care of their skin, their families and enhance the health index, but also the best gift to their loved ones. A

   on: rural families to buy a water purifier, three skill required to memorize!

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