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Park Road water sinks and Wuhan winng -health- Battle togeth

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Since the outbreak of pneumonia over a new leaf crown coronavirus infection occurs, Wuhan has become the hardest hit, with the spread of the epidemic, emergency medical supplies to the front lines constantly heard the news. New Years Eve, armed forces medical forces rushed to the front rush to the rescue Wuhan. A difficult one, P Plus support, enterprises have to act urgently, contributions or donations. Park Road water sinks the heart of Wuhan, winning "health" Battle with the people of the affected areas.

   February 4 on the occasion of the beginning of spring, the next transport train number support in Park Road, large customer newbie & Dan Bird logistics donations, Park Road, donated to Peoples Hospital Caidian District in Wuhan 60 worth more than 50 million nanofiltration water purification equipment to reach all the affected areas, brought new hope for the Caidian District peoples hospital medical staff and patients.



   In the current period of severe infection prevention and control novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the community demonstrated the mind, united determination to fight the epidemic, Park Road, as a sense of mission and responsibility of the enterprise, at the beginning of the outbreak, Park Road CEO Ma Ying-jun immediately begin to contact the donation matters as quickly confirm a good donations and donated by the hospital.


   Park Road, Supply Chain team to overcome the Spring Festival, loading the library for the first time, someone posted the team to reverse the line, carrying supplies to escort rookie Dan Bird & logistics special train No. Wuhan gallop all the way to the affected areas. Park Road Service team arrived in Wuhan after the device is installed in the shortest time with the hospital donated by Peoples Hospital of Wuhan Caidian made contact, and full follow-up survey equipment distribution.




(Source: China Water Purifier - public number, invasion deleted)

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