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Rongshida water purifier suppli2019 Annual Meeting and Appre

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   January 8, 2019 afternoon, "green manufacturing heritage of ingenuity" Rongshida water purifier supplier 2019 annual meeting and appreciation dinner held in the northern city of Hefei Golden Resources Hotel, more than two hundred outstanding supplier companies from across the country representatives invited to attend.



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   a new era of a new journey

   Rongshida water purifier corporate videos Legends starting

   as one of the main suppliers of the annual meeting, Rongshida water purifier new corporate video debut at the site of the General Assembly. This promo concentrated expression of the fruitful results Rongshida core competitiveness and achieve the transformation and upgrading, passing out based on the firm belief Rongshida water purification, deep plowing big health industry, health wisdom to build the worlds water, showing Rongshida who dare to dream, dare Dream, diligent dreams, perseverance and dedication to take a good foot at ease every step of the sublime will, drawn temper Endeavor Rongshida new chapter.


   Methodist chasing light work together

   chairman thunderous speech

   First, chairman of thunder extends a warm welcome to the guests. Lei Dong sermon, Rongshida rapid development is inseparable from the full support of the majority of suppliers. 2018, Rongshida thoroughly implement green manufacturing, water treatment Ten layout blueprint to build water purification Kechuang center, the introduction of more intelligent production lines, to achieve enterprise architecture, research and innovation, breakthrough in the development of production scale, market operations. 2019, Rongshida will continue adhering to the new era of "artisan spirit" concept, to provide consumers with more high-quality products. Finally, Dong Lei put forward new requirements for the year to all present and gentlemen, I hope you do not change the beginning of the heart, hand in hand with each other, create quality products, communion development of confidence for a better future.



chairman thunderous speech

   the quality of the soul of the details of the win

   "Rongshida quality management annuals"

   Manufacturing Jiang, vice president of Lapsang announced the "Annual Report Rongshida quality management", to introduce the progress Rongshida 2018 with suppliers made in product quality, production technology cooperation, for the companys products and intelligent upgrade parts supply made more high demand. Jiang in the newspaperReport stressed Rongshida implementation of "zero defect" management system, from product development, raw material procurement, production, inspection, packaging and logistics, to control the entire process comprehensive, Cengcengbaguan to ensure that provide consumers with quality products. Supplier as the source of the supply chain, should strengthen the control of product quality, which is the cornerstone Rongshida maintain good relations of cooperation with.



Jiang, vice president of manufacturing Lapsang announced the "Rongshida Quality Management Annual Report"

   across the fusion of innovation layout

   practice green manufacturing, the development of the "Top ten" strategy

   at the meeting, general manager Wang Yuesheng Rongshida water industry as "Rongshida water purification 2019 development plan report," Wang said, Rongshida integration of "green manufacturing" concept of development, in 2018 the official ten released a blueprint for the development of water treatment, the overall layout of the wisdom of the whole house water purification, campus drinking water, urban public drinking water, community wisdom drinking water, rural safe drinking water, industrial wastewater treatment, sewage treatment, water treatment landscape, water and medical treatment, desalination 10 sectors, to build a harmonious and beautiful water world wisdom. In recent years, Rongshida whole house water purification wisdom, campus drinking water and other undertakings have made vigorous development of the company into the list of the first batch of green manufacturing demonstration State Ministry column, the Ministry of Education to become the first drinking water equipment into schools recommended pilot units, terminal outlets all over the country, has more than two thousand customized campus drinking water BOT scheme, product quality and engineering standards have been recognized in many ways.


   heritage of quality craftsmanship win the next summit forum gathered a large coffee

   the soul of the quality of the deposit to the ingenuity, brand Yao attributed ingenuity. In the afternoon, "ingenuity heritage quality to win the future," the summit of the peak warm Forum was held. The forum was hosted by the Rongshida water purification project general manager Liu Dong, general manager of Sun Xiaofeng be Rongshida manufacturing center peak dialogue around innovation and quality in the industry with five other excellent show business leaders, expressed their views on the current situation and future development of the water industry trends change. Guests say the water purification business to really realize the importance of product quality for enterprise and the market can not repeat the past "price war" mode, but should be in the market, "Plow" at the same time, the product quality is also "deep plowing secret agents ", with high-quality products and services to brand development" charge "in order to better meet consumers growingGrowing consumer demand. While enterprises should increase investment in research and development needs of the user, based on domestic water quality, breakdown product superiority, trying to find opportunities in the exploration and innovation.



   General Manager

Rongshida water purification project Liu presided over the summit forum



general manager of the manufacturing center Sun Xiaofeng speak

   ride grateful to have your awards ceremony glory turned

   despite wind and rain, temper forward, Rongshida rapid development of each partner are closely related, and friendly in the long term collaboration, many more precipitation to provide superior products and services Rongshida strategic partner. The Supplier Conference Award links, Rongshida excellent show for the twenty vendors issued a "strategic partner" award, in recognition of the excellence of products and services they offer to Rongshida.




issued a "strategic partner" award banquet to celebrate a toast song

   Rongshida water purification 2019 Supplier Appreciation dinner

   on the appreciation dinner, Rongshida ready for the guests and friends from afar a wonderful art performances, full of cool light show, inspired by the heroic atmosphere opening act ignited the atmosphere, delicate and moving Huangmei classic song skewers, graceful beautiful peacock win the audience a good thing, wild and free rock band performances, interactive fun magic show is the climax of the entire party atmosphere. It is worth mentioning that the grand finale dinner "interactive video show", dynamic dance, colorful lights with the corporate culture slogan Rongshida positive for our interpretation of the courage and dedication, and express the struggle forward! On the part of the joy of the prize draw, various prizes all sent, the site attracted more surprises.



wonderful theatrical performances



lucky draw


   [123 ] banquet toast with joy I wish


   a new era, a new journey! We grow amid change, and innovation in the front row! Heritage of sixty six years of glorious history, after the gorgeous transformation and newHealth, Rongshida water industry will continue to go beyond, to develop high-quality achievements in quality trust, build a better life, open up unlimited future!


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